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ProForm Exercise Bike Reviews

ProForm is of one of many brands owned by ICON Health and Fitness, one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world.

ProForm exercise bikes are designed to appeal to the budget conscious, starting at $300.

ProForm offers the industry standard 1 year warranty.

You can buy ProForm equipment direct online.

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ProForm - 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer
The Proform 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is a well executed spinning cycle, combining an e ...

ProForm - 490 SPX Indoor Cycling Bike
The Proform 490 SPX Indoor Cycling Bike is equipped with a heavy, 49 lbs flywheel which is ...

ProForm - 590 SPX Indoor Cycle
The Proform 590 SPX Indoor Cycle is intended to give you the same type of intense cardio w ...

ProForm - Tour de France Indoor Cycle
The Proform Tour de France Bike is the official stationary training bike of the Tour de Fr ...

ProForm - ZX2 Exercise Bike
For better comfort, the seat on the Proform ZX2 upright is adjustable in two directions, a ...